Georgina Meyer-Düllman. Identity Through Art
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"Nitzanim" Elementary School – Beersheva

Mrs. Georgina Meyer Duellmann
President, "Fruit of Peace" Organization in Israel

Words of Gratitude

I herewith thank you on behalf of the school staff, the students and myself for initiating and for helping us to carry out this educational, social and artistic project together with the children of the "Nitzanim" and Rahat Schools.

A very moving and successful encounter, it reflected the personality of the woman heading the organization and indicated her great dedication to this cause.

Your deeds fore the sake of promoting and bringing peace nearer are a life work.

While sharing with you in this project, we had the privilege of your acquaintance; you are a very special person.

May you make a dream come true.


Shosh Levi