Georgina Meyer-Düllman. Identity Through Art

Welcome to Gina's Art

Eleven years have passed since this website opened, in 2016.

New students, new artworks and exhibitions of my students, of the Association "Fruits of Peace in Israel" and of myself shown are in my website.

All my thanks to the "Society for the Blinds", to the Rehabilitation Center "Yad Sarah", to the bilingual elementary school "Degania" and to all my Art colleagues of the "Fruits of Peace in Israel" Association in Beersheba, that are helping me for making possible my objective in Life come true, in bringing Art as a pleasure to my students as all my Love to bring Peace through Art in different Art activities.

Georgina (Gina) Meyer-Duellmann, Beersheba, September 2017

Original Message From 2006

More than forty years have gone by since I began my studies of visual arts and graphics in Rio de Janeiro and Munich and founded my graphic arts schools in Petropolis, Brazil and later in Beersheva, Israel.

From the collection of my works and those of the many students I had the pleasure to get to know, teach and guide through the years in Brazil, Germany and Israel, I have this time, instead of preparing an exhibition again, decided to publish a catalogue and website, to document and to keep a collection of the best artworks created during the many years.

I would like to dedicate this website to the beloved memory of my uncle Klaus Meyer who so encouraged and supported me through the years.

With this website, I also wish to express my thanks and appreciation especially to the members of my little family who stood by me all these years but also to all the parents and the many friends who contributed their time and supported the students and me all the way, including my webmaster, Yisrael Harris.

Georgina (Gina) Meyer-Duellmann, Beersheva, 2006