Georgina Meyer-Düllman. Identity Through Art
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The Book

Gina's book, "Back to My Jewish Roots". In Portuguese: "The Leaf" (Uma Folha).
Gina wrote her autobiography, "Back to My Jewish Roots", in the summer of 2000. It was written for her daughter, so that she would know about their Jewish tradition and their family roots. The book is black and white, illustrated with woodcuts. Gina wrote the book originally in German. It was translated into Hebrew and English. The English language version of Gina's book is presented in the pages that follow.

In the summer of 2009, the book which Gina had written and self-edited nine years previously, "Back to my Jewish Roots", was translated into her mother-tongue, Portuguese, by Kristina Michaelles. The title of the translated version is "The Leaf".

The meaning of a leaf is to symbolize that Gina's biography is as a leaf in the midst of many, many other leaves of an olive tree, which she drew and painted in oil on canvas for the cover page of the book, meaning that Gina's biography is one leaf among many others in this world.

To the original book, Gina added more stories from her life, as well as her recent oil-paintings done during these nine years. The paintings in this version of book are in colour.

The photos in the gallery were taken when Gina presented her new printed book in an historical house of the local "Academy for Writers and Poets", in her hometown of Petropolis, Brazil, on October 29, 2009.

The video with an interwiew of Gina on her book was taken in the studio of the local television station of Petropolis, Brazil, and the newspaper interwiew of Gina was conducted by the local newspaper, days before the book presentation.
Article on Gina
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Article on Gina
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