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Letter from Yad VaShem

Letter from Yad VaShem
Yad VaShem,
The Holocaust Memorial and Heroism Authority, Library Department

Jerusalem, 27 Tevet, 5778
January 14, 2018

Mrs. Georgina Meyer Dolman

Dear Mrs. Meyer Dolman,

Ms. Sylvie Sitbon from the Commemoration Department, transferred to our library the book which you wrote and gave them, and we thank you very much for that.

The book's name is "Back to My Jewish Roots", in which you describe your experiences and the experiences of your family during the Holocaust and in subsequent years, both in text and painting.

It is very important to commit memories to writing, to memorialize the victims and as a personal historical documentation for the sake of future generations.

This book is a valuable contribution to our collection, and will be available to the readers and researchers who frequent our library.

Naftali Deutsch
Assistant to the Library Manager

CC: Ms. Sylvie Sitbon, Commemorative Division

PO Box 3477 Jerusalem 9103491, Israel
Tel. 02-6443530 | Fax 02-6443663

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